Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

YES ,you Can pay 40% of the premiums, the provider will issue a 1 month policy which is then extended when you complete the payment.

we can arrange an insurance premium financing from a financial institution.

NO, the quotes you see are the most competitive rates negotiated from our panel of insurance companies in Kenya.

SIMPLE, a copy of your National ID/Passport, driving license, KRA pin and logbook

DON’T WORRY, we will walk with you through the processing of any claims.

We will make sure you are back on the road as quickly as possible

YES, it will be done free of charge during the cover placement.

Basically, cover fire, theft, accidental damage to the vehicle. See benefits above for more options

A: Yes, the majority of insurance contracts encompass breakdown coverage along with add-ons like agency repair and personal accident coverage.

A: Yes. You can terminate your fleet insurance coverage by contacting your motor fleet insurance provider or a third-party provider like Preone Insurance.

A: Yes, generally. Motor fleet insurance is typically more expensive than personal auto insurance due to a higher likelihood of claims. This is attributed to the fact that vehicles in commercial use often cover more distance, operate in heavy traffic, and travel on unfamiliar roads, making them statistically riskier. The broader coverage area also contributes to the higher cost.

A: In most cases, a motor fleet insurance policy does not include default coverage for vehicle failures. However, many insurers offer it as optional coverage at an extra cost. The price varies based on the vehicle type and its intended business use.

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