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Medical insurance in Kenya is a personalized health plan offering a worldwide geographical coverage to meet your specific need.

It covers day and inpatient hospitalization, maternity, outpatient treatment, optical and dental with enhanced limits for chronic conditions including cancer.

one should look for a cover that meets most if not all of his/her needs

key benefits


All persons and their legal dependents from age of zero (0) months

Geographical Coverage

Access a comprehensive network of hospitals across East Africa.

Overseas treatment on credit under listed hospitals


Air evacuation for all cover limits by AMREF

Road evacuation for all cover limits

Overseas emergency treatment


No excess for inpatient cover

-Instalment premium payments via IPF

 No claim discount (NCD)

Comprehensive benefits

– Inpatient limits from Kes 50,000 to Kes 20,000,000.

– Optional outpatient cover from Kes 30,000

Applicable to MSMEs and large corporates,

  • WIBA/WIBA Plus – covers employees of the Insured whilst on duty and engaged in the execution of the Insured’s business &/or any project undertaken by the insured, against accidental bodily injury, disablement or death or occupational illness
  • Employers Liability – covers is a policy that protects employers against legal liability under common law, negligence or breach of statutory duty for damages and claimant’s costs and expenses of litigation in respect of accidents, diseases or even death to employees happening in the course of employment. It is therefore necessary for that Employers’ liability insurance be arranged in addition to WIBA policy which is compulsory by law
  • Public Liability – covers is a policy that protects against claims of personal injury or property damage that a third party suffers (or claims to have suffered) as a result of your business activities.
  • Professional indemnity – liability insurance which helps protect professionals from legal liability that may arise due to acts of negligence, error or omission in the rendering of or failure to render professional services for others in the insured’s capacity as a professional

  • Contractors All-risk Insurance – This policy Covers the contractor for the loss or damage of contract works, material and equipment from perils that may occur during the course of construction of buildings, roads, bridges, dams, and other infrastructure. The perils covered include fire, lightning, flood, storm and tempest, acts of God, theft, malicious damage and impact damage. The policy is extended to include liabilities to third parties for bodily injury or damage of property.
  • Carrier Warehouse Liability – This policy provides cover against legal liability for negligence at common law and/or private carrier in respect to loss or damage of property/goods or merchandise in the custody of the Insured happening during any period of insurance and within the geographical limits. The policy can also be extended to include cover for the loss or damage of property in the store/bonded warehouse. It’s ideal for business men or companies that hold goods or merchandise in trust or commission.

General Benefits

        Dental benefits include :

  • Dental consultation.
  • Fillings and extractions.
  • Root canal.
  • Scaling.

         Optical benefits include :

  • Ophthalmologic consultation.
  • Contact lenses.
  • Frames (allowed once every two years up to Ksh. 15,000

or the Optical limit whichever is lower).

  • Glasses.

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