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As a Sales Agency

At our agency, we’ve crafted a distinctive 6-step market penetration strategy that’s been meticulously designed and tested. When you join us, all we need to do is customize it to align perfectly with your company’s goals and nature. Our forte lies in both B2B and B2C sales drives.

Here’s an overview of our unique strategy:

Market Review: We start by thoroughly examining the market landscape.

Product or Service Adjustment Process: Crafting a tailored approach to ensure your product or service stands out.

Client Prospecting: Identifying and engaging potential clients strategically.

Sales Closing Events: Organizing events that facilitate effective deal closures.

Supply Support Process/Sale Fulfillment: Ensuring a seamless process from order to delivery.

Remuneration: Transparent and fair compensation for all parties involved.

Ready to elevate your sales journey with our proven strategy? Let’s get started!

Direct Sales

We do total market penetration drives, we can adopt your existing sales strategy, edit it or develop one for you to bring out your Unique Selling points for your target market.

We adopt inside sales tactic (to existing portfolio – yours or ours), or outside sales services through Lead Generation drives, such as;

  • Inbound lead generation – from content marketing, blogs, events, search engine optimization (SEO), social media etc.
  • Outbound lead generation – from TV commercials, radio ads, print advertisements (newspaper ads, magazine ads, flyers, brochures, catalogs, etc.), tradeshows, email marketing, cold calling and cold visiting.

Outsourced sales team

We have a sales team on standby for outsourcing. We can take over your entire sales or supplement your in-house team, we offer;

Long-term outsourcing – to achieve long-term revenue and market penetration goals. We align to your goals in the market and execute it to over achievement.

Short-term outsourcing – as a supplement to your sales force during product launches, market surges, seasonal promotion drives and as a counter measure to market trends.

Team Management / sales support/planning services

Do you need team management services? Look no further, we can consult for you team and execute your strategies with our unique 6-step market penetration strategy. With our vast experience in setting KPI our setup services ensures your deliverables are achievable.

We assist to strategize how to acquire new business and retain existing customer base.

We create ‘easy-to-follow and execute’ strategies.

Client service point manning

Our customer service team only needs orientation on your products and services and we are good to go. We will be at your service points, this includes after sales services support. Q&A responses center, information hubs and door to door after sales services

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