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Motor commercial specified tankers (Water bousers, milk tankers)

We cover Motor commercial specified tankers, such as water bowsers and milk tankers. These are specialized vehicles designed to transport specific liquids in bulk quantities. Here’s a brief overview :

  1. Water Bowser: A water bowser is a tanker truck specifically used to transport and distribute water. They are commonly employed in various industries and situations, including construction sites, agricultural fields, firefighting operations, and for providing water supply in areas where it is not readily available. Water bowsers have large storage tanks mounted on the truck chassis, and they may come with additional features like pumps and hoses for easy distribution of water.
  2. Milk Tanker: Milk tankers, also known as milk trucks or milk transporters, are vehicles designed to transport milk from dairy farms to processing facilities or other distribution points. These tankers are equipped with insulated tanks to maintain the temperature and quality of milk during transportation. Milk tankers come in various sizes, depending on the volume of milk they are designed to carry.

These vehicles play a significant role in supporting various industries and fulfilling essential needs in communities.

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