Motor Vehicle Insurance

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Preone is one of the leading Motor Insurance agencies in Kenya

We are the most customer friendly, Insurance price and benefits comparison website in Kenya. You will be able to compare quotes from top insurers in the country at no cost. We have the most competitive rates from our partners for all categories of vehicles.

Motor private

  As a responsible car owner, you know that life is full of unexpected  events, and having the right insurance policy.

Motor commercial

  For your commercial insurance needs we got you covered.

Motor PSV

   We got third party insurance and comprehensive for your PSVs.

Commercial Prime movers

   insurance solutions tailored specifically to meet the needs of commercial prime  mover owners and operators

Tuk Tuk

  We do insurance cover for tuk tuks.


   Insure your motorcycle with us. Get the best cover today.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

We are the most customer friendly, Insurance price and benefits comparison website in Kenya. You will be able to compare quotes from top insurers in the country at no cost. We have the most competitive rates from our partners for all categories of vehicles.
We have broken down different motor insurance quotes making it easy for you to compare the different policy benefits quickly and accurately on offer and buy online at your convenience and comfort. You will be able to view online quotations, pay premiums and receive your sticker instantly via email.
We highly recommend adding benefits such as excess protector for own damage and the political violence & terrorism (PVT) cover on your basic cover.
You can pay your premiums in installments or via insurance Premium Financing (IPF

Comprehensive car insurance

It’s a cover for physical damage, theft, or fire of the insured vehicle. It includes third party property damage, bodily injuries, and legal liability of the insured. It compensates the insured for any costs arising out of an accident, theft, flooding, earthquake, or fire. Whereas Third party only (TPO) Covers costs and damages to the third-party property and bodily injuries

What’s covered?



Windscreen / Window Glass

Up to KSh 100,000 free cover


Entertainment Unit

Up to KSh 50,000 free cover


Free valuation

At inception and renewal


No Blame no excess  


Riot, Strike & Civil Commotions 


Liability to Third Parties - Death or Bodily Injury

·In respect of persons being carried/upon entering/getting onto/alighting  

a) Any one person up to Kes 3,000,000 

b) Series of claims arising out of one event up to Kes 20,000,000        

In respect of persons not being carried in/upon entering/getting onto/alighting   

any one person up to Kes 3,000,000 

Series of claims arising out of one event up to Unlimited    


Liability to Third Parties - Property Damage

In respect of any one claim or a series of claims arising out of one event up to Kes 5,000,000



As per policy states


Medical Expenses (Re-imbursement basis)

Limits and applications based on different insurers – see quotation



Up to Kes 50,000



Excess Protector

It cushions the insured against a high insurance excess/deductible payable in case of a claim. There are two types of excess protector, excess protector for own damage and Full Excess Protector. As the naming suggests, the excess protector for own damage only covers claims arising from damage or partial loss to the insured vehicle.


Political Violence and Terrorism Cover

it is an extensions that can either be added to most of the common general insurance policies or taken as a standalone.


Courtesy Car

Most car insurance companies provide an option of a replacement courtesy car for a maximum of up to 14 days while the insured motor vehicle is out of use. Because of the logistical challenges of providing an actual car for this, many car insurance companies in Kenya offer re-imbursement of KSh 3,000 for each day that the insured vehicle is out of use up to a total maximum of KSh 30,000


Road Rescue

In the event of an accident or a car breakdown, Get your vehicle professionally towed or small repairs done to kick-start your car


Passengers’ legal liability

Applicable to PSVs

What’s covered?


Third party liabilities outside Kenya

Your car insurance policy will not cover third party liabilities outside Kenya.

However, there is a simple and affordable solution to all this, a COMESA yellow card policy was made purposely to extend cover to members of the COMESA – Common Market East and South Africa while travelling out of their home countries. A COMESA yellow card extension can be obtained from your insurance company, it is charged per day of travel outside the home country.


Depreciation, Wear and Tear

Motor vehicle insurance will not cover loss in value of a vehicle due to wear and tear and depreciation. In addition, car insurance does not cover damage to tires e.g. wear or punctures to the tires. However, some car insurance companies like APA and Kenya Orient in have developed insurance products that extend cover to car tires as well.



evident car accident or a claim on the insurance policy as a resultant of negligent behavior will not be paid out. Any insurance claim arising out of use of illegal drugs like class A drugs cocaine, heroine and others will automatically disqualify the indemnity.


As per policy schedule

All insurance companies will always state clearly what s excluded n the policy schedule

Motor Vehicle Insurance

1. Motor private
2. Motor commercial own goods
3. Motor commercial general cartage
4. Motor Commercial institutional vehicles
5. Motor commercial Prime movers
6. Motor commercial Trailers
7. Motor commercial Agricultural vehicles
8. Motor commercial specified tankers (Water bousers, milk tankers)
9. Motor PSV
 Taxi / yellow Line
 Chauffeur Driven / App hailing.
 Self Driven
 Matatu
 PSV Bus
 Boda Boda PSV
 Tuk Tuk PSV
10. Tuk Tuk
11. Motorcycle

Frequently Asked Questions

YES ,you Can pay 40% of the premiums, the provider will issue a 1 month policy which is then extended when you complete the payment.

we can arrange an insurance premium financing from a financial institution.

NO, the quotes you see are the most competitive rates negotiated from our panel of insurance companies in Kenya.

SIMPLE, a copy of your National ID/Passport, driving license, KRA pin and logbook

DON’T WORRY, we will walk with you through the processing of any claims.

We will make sure you are back on the road as quickly as possible

YES, it will be done free of charge during the cover placement.

Basically, cover fire, theft, accidental damage to the vehicle. See benefits above for more options

A: Yes, the majority of insurance contracts encompass breakdown coverage along with add-ons like agency repair and personal accident coverage.

A: Yes. You can terminate your fleet insurance coverage by contacting your motor fleet insurance provider or a third-party provider like Preone Insurance.

A: Yes, generally. Motor fleet insurance is typically more expensive than personal auto insurance due to a higher likelihood of claims. This is attributed to the fact that vehicles in commercial use often cover more distance, operate in heavy traffic, and travel on unfamiliar roads, making them statistically riskier. The broader coverage area also contributes to the higher cost.

A: In most cases, a motor fleet insurance policy does not include default coverage for vehicle failures. However, many insurers offer it as optional coverage at an extra cost. The price varies based on the vehicle type and its intended business use.

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